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Sunday Night

There was a time when I unknowingly get stressed, angry, and frustrated on Sundays. It started in the afternoons and my mood was just gloomy. Once that was pointed out to me, I knew right away what the reason was - I had to go to work the next day. There are so many contributors to our emotions, some we can control and the others we can't. But one thing that helps is to focus my mind on the ultimate goal I have in life, that is eventually being able to do what I truly want to do. Everything before I get to that point is a step closer toward my dream. So, moving forward, I shall, one day at a time. It took me a while to adjust my emotions though, to get out of that negative pattern. I started to focus more on the positive things in the job I had at the time and the people I worked with, and slowly but surely, I made adjustments in myself. Now, the thoughts of my MeiMei, my husband, my son, and Lychee MeiMei make me happy. Regardless it is Sunday night again, I look forward to coming back from work tomorrow and being with my family again.

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