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The Journal Lovers' Gift Box (Long)

The Journal Lovers' Gift Box (Long)

The Writer In Me.


Gifts included:


• Five (5) Mini Tea Bricks

- Three (3) mini tea brick flavors: Brown sugar rose, honey roselle, and honey goji berry and chrysanthemum

- One serving per mini tea brick: 8-10oz cup of water

- Melts within minutes in hot water

- Flavors randomly selected unless customer indicates the desired flavors and number of each flavor  (Based on flavor availability)


• Unique Asian Candies

- Flavors: Mango, plum, peach, guava, coconut, ginger, ginseng, lychee, cheese, melon, cream, milk, soda pop, banana, coffee, orange, strawberry, apple, watermelon, lemon, grapefruit, raspberry, blueberry, dragon fruit, kiwi, acai, pineapple, mint, chocolate, wheat, and honey, etc.

- Flavors packaged: Random

- Packaging: 4oz burlap pouch

-​ Warning: Might contain milk, soy, wheat, honey, and various nuts, etc.


• One (1) Vintage Journal

   - Option A: Leaf Design (Color: Random - Based on availability)

   - Option B: Maple Leaf Design (Color: Random - Based on availability)

   - Option C: Leather Bound (Color: Brown)


• One (1) Mini Leather Journal (Color: Random)


• Ten (10) Unique Paper Clips

- Styles include: Love letter, umbrella, heart, planets, vehicles, animals, music notes, appliances, stars, beverages, and more

- Style: Random


• Two (2) Beautiful Bookmarks (Style: Random)


• Two (2) Stationaries with Envelopes (Style: Random)


• One (1) Fountain Pen with Refills

- Colors include: Black, blue, and red

- Colors: Random


• Ten (10) Adorable Scrapbooking Stickers (Style: Random)


• Two (2) Mini Highlighters (Colors: Random)


• Three (3) Beautiful Oil Painting Postcards (Style: Random)


Thank you gift included - Surprise! 

  • Box total weight:

    2.0 -3.0 lbs

Excluding Sales Tax
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