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The Tea Lovers' Luxury Gift Box

The Tea Lovers' Luxury Gift Box

Wow, Tea Goodies!


It's like Christmas at teatime! Open the treasure box and discover amazing LMM goodies for tea lovers. Enjoy delicious peach oolong tea, strawberry green tea, or lychee black tea, or the sweeter option of the unique mini tea bricks. Immerse yourself in the delicious aroma. The adorable glass cup, tea infuser, coaster, and tea spoon complete the whole picture. Oh, don’t forget the tea ball that blooms into beautiful flowers. Drink... Feel like a healthy royal!


Items included:


• Two (2) High Quality Borosilicate/Retro Glass Cups


   - Borosilicate Glass Cups

      > Material known for having very low coefficients of thermal expansion, more resistant to thermal shock than any other common glass

      > Option A: Straight Wall

      > Option B: Round Wall

      > Option C: Double-Layered Wall

      > Option D: Grooved Wall

      > All cups can be used in microwave, EXCEPT for double-layered cup


   - Retro Beaded Glass Cups

      > Beautiful beaded design and solid glass walls

      > Option A: Retro Linear Beaded Design

      > Option B: Retro Linear Beaded Design with Rainbow Sheen

      > Option C: Retro Circular Beaded Design

      > Option D: Retro Circular Beaded Design with Rainbow Sheen


• Two (2) Flavors of Tea

   - Select the desired flavor: Peach Oolong Tea, Lychee Black Tea, and Strawberry Green Tea

   - High-quality loose-leaf tea

   - Canister Color: Random


• One (1) Brown Rock Sugar

   - Delicious Belgian rock sugar

   - Canister Color: Random


• Two (2) Tea Spoons

   - Adorable leaf design on handle

   - Color options: Gold and silver

   - Color randomly selected unless customer indicates the desired color(s)


• Five (5) Tea Bags


• Two (2) Blooming Flower Tea

   - Tea balls bloom into beautiful flowers best admired in a clear glass or teapot

   - A variety of blooming flower styles: Random


• Two (2) Tea Infusers

   A variety of shapes: big hexagon teapot, small hexagon teapot, round teapot, oval, and chilling monkey


• Ten (10) Mini Tea Bricks

   - Three (3) mini tea brick flavors: Brown sugar rose, honey roselle, and honey goji berry and chrysanthemum

   - One serving per mini tea brick: 8-10oz cup of water

   - Melts within minutes in hot water

   - Flavors randomly selected based on flavor availability


• One (1) Dried Flower Tea (Flavor: Random)

    - Flavors include: Jasmine flower, rose, and chrysanthemum

    - Use: 1) Flower tea or 2) Add flavors to other teas


• Two (2) Coasters (Style: Random)


Thank you gift included - Surprise! 

  • Box total weight:

    6.0 - 7.0 lbs

Excluding Sales Tax
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