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One of A Kind Gift Box

Beautiful, elegant, and quality gift box for you and those you love with unique items in each drawer waiting to be discovered. Various options are available for the desired combinations. It is a guaranteed "Wow" gift!

Get your own amazing gift box!

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The MOO Series - Made to Order

No preservatives. Flank Steak - One of the top cuts of beef and the most lean cut.

• MOO: No Red Crushed Peppers (Not Spicy)

• Hot MOO: 2 Tbsp of Red Crushed Peppers (Spicy)

• MOO on Fire: 4 Tbsp of Red Crushed Peppers (Very Spicy)

• 8 oz: $40.88 / $5.11 per oz

• 16 oz (1 lb): $76.88 / $4.81 per oz

Let's go order some MOO jerky!

Beef Jerky

Beef Jerky _01a.jpg
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Lamb Jerky


The BAA Series (Seasonal) - Made to Order

No preservatives. Crunchy and chewy with a delicate sweetness. Made to order. 

○ Thins: Filo-Thin Slices Crunchy Yet Still Chewy

○ Nuggets: Nickle-Size Chewy Chunks

• BAA: No Red Crushed Peppers (Not Spicy)

• Fiery BAA: 1.5 Tbsp of Red Crushed Peppers (Spicy)

• Blazing BAA: 3 Tbsp of Red Crushed Peppers (Very Spicy)

• 8 oz: $51.88 / $6.49 per oz

• 16 oz (1 lb): $98.88 / $6.18 per oz

Let's go order some BAA jerky!

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Fruit Crystals

Beautiful Fruit Crystals made with 100% fresh fruit. 

Fruit Crystal 01.jpg

• Crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside

• Made to order - production time: 10 days

• No preservatives


Currently unavailable.

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• A variety of pastries including authentic Chinese delights

• Simply fresh and delicious with no preservatives

• Freshly made to order

• Order sizes fit for parties, gatherings, or just snacks


Currently unavailable.

Hand Cream

Honeydew, White Peach, Lemon, and Avocado

• Airy and delicious fragrances

• Lightly scented sweetness for the Avocado cream

• Silky textures, cool and smooth to the touch

• Great hydration for the skin

Order your hand creams, hydrate your skin.

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Crystal Soap

Beautiful Amino Acid Soap

Elegant crystal-like and decorated with delicate little flowers and leaves in the center. Delightful to the touch. Hydrates the skin and reduces signs of ageing overtime.

Treat yourself with beautiful crystal soap.

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Paper Soap

Unique and Playful Paper Soap

Light and convenient to carry. Pleasantly scented. Each sheet is enough for a thorough hand wash, leaving the skin feeling clean and smooth. 

Get your on-the-go paper soap.

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